Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Baby Ellison

Oh, I love babies.  I love the way their heads smell, the way the snuggle into you, the way it makes you feel to hold one that you love...I love everything about babies.  Especially when I can hold them, love them, take pictures of them, and then give them back and get a FULL night of sleep.

This one is pretty special.  His daddy is pretty special to us.  He and my husband go way back and therefore, I go way back too (considering we have been married for almost 13 years).  He is one of those guys everyone likes to be around.  He makes you feel loved and special and he can make you laugh.  He is one of those guys you are jealous of because he takes all of these amazing adventures.  Have you ever been to Iceland, spent a semester on a boat, lived abroad in France, been to Cuba, seen Machu Picchu? Do you live in New York and work on Broadway or have you danced with Sarah Jessica Parker? Me neither, but I feel like I have because I have lived all those things through him.  Now he is embarking on an even greater, more rewarding adventure.  Parenthood!

Todd is a more recent addition to our family.  We have gotten to know him over the last 7 years and he is amazing too.  He is more of the quiet reserved type, but has a twinkle in his eye.  Now I know what the twinkle is.  He is lovable and sweet, caring and funny and tells great stories.  He exudes calmness and modesty, but he is SUPER talented.  He is a great balance for Gavin.

I live in white, Christian, conservative, Colorado where there isn't much diversity.  People (including me) tend to be quick to judge and look at people who don't fit the "traditional" with their eyebrows raised.  I have loved getting to know these guys as a couple.  Are they different from the norm?  Yes.  Do I love them and LOVE to spend time with them?  YES. YES. YES.

Now they have baby Ellison.  Did he come the traditional way?  Nope.  Is it different from the world's view of normal?  Yes.  Will he be loved?  YES.  Isn't that all that matters?  I think about all of the orphans, the kids of alcoholics, victims of A.I.D.S., abused children and the children who have been abandoned.  It makes me incredibly sad and angry.  And you know what I think?  Ellison is one of the luckiest kids around.  He is going to be loved for who he is and he is going to grow up strong!  Is it going to be hard at times?  Yes.  But he is loved and that makes you strong.  So what are you going to do....judge, or love?  I choose love.

So congratulations guys.  I am proud to love this baby and wished you lived closer so that I could love on him more often.

Here are some pictures that I was lucky enough to take of the new family.

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  1. I love these pictures Lis. Congratulations Gavin and Todd! Ellison is a cutey. Also, I love his whole name. :)