Thursday, October 27, 2011

Octopus for Dinner

Do you have picky eaters?  I do!  Just the other day, a friend on facebook was trying to get her son to eat and wanted suggestions.  I pulled something out of my hat that I had almost forgotten.  It is a really special treat at our house and a guarantee that ALL of my kids will eat a huge dinner. 

Want to know my secret?  Octopus.  Yep, you read right.  Octopus.  Not the kind that swim in the sea, but the kind that kids go crazy for.

Ingredients needed:  Hot dogs, water, spaghetti noodles.  That is the best part.  Easy peasy.

Take the hot dogs and cut them in thirds.  Take 4 raw noodles (or a random handful like I do) and break them in half.  Stick the 8 noodles into one of the thirds.  Continue until you are out of hot dogs.  Then stick them into boiling water.  Boil until the noodles are cooked.  Remove from the water and serve!!!!

My kids go nuts for these and eat a TON.  We rarely have leftovers.  That is saying something for the three year old who lives on nuggets and cereal.

Once I was reminded of our favorite dinner, I looked in the cupboard and viola!  We had all of the ingredients for octopus.  So guess what we had for dinner.

You should try this fun and easy recipe.  I bet even your pickiest eaters will go for it!

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