Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Little Man

Last weekend I was privileged enough to help host a baby shower for some close friends.  They are from out of state, but their baby was being born here via a surrogate.  They wanted to head back to New York within a few days of the baby coming, so we had to have three possible dates for the shower.  The baby wasn't due until the 16th, so I was thinking that there wasn't any way the shower could be on the 1st....right?  Wrong.  The Little Man came 3 weeks early on Wednesday, September 28th.  So......we had a shower that Saturday.  I am sure you can imagine the whirlwind that occurred on Thursday, Friday and Saturday morning.  But, he was TOTALLY worth it. 

Feast your eyes on the amazing shower we pulled off with two days notice!  Thanks to Karli for the use of your beautiful house (I would have had a nervous breakdown if it had been at my house) and your help.  Also thanks to Maureen and Stacey for helping with the food.  It was quite a spread.  And a big thanks to Angie for the inspiration for the shower.  We copied, just as you copied.  It was such a fun theme!

It was a wonderful time together and it was so fun to see all the people who came to help Gavin and Todd celebrate this new life adventure.


Centerpieces from Karli's Garden
Welcome Ellison!

What's a baby shower without.....beer?  That is how we roll.
Limeade, Ice Tea and Cucumber water.  Delicious!

I tried my hand at cake ball/cake pops.  They were pretty good and super easy!

Even Ellison got a 'stache

Complete with mustache cups

Onesie Decor

Thanks for the book.  We think.

Welcome, little man, welcome.

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  1. It turned out so well! And what a teeny little man! That last pic with the dads is awesome! LOL!