Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Eye for Editing?

I love taking pictures of families.  I love to see the way the interact.  I love the chaos of little children (most of the time) and then I pray that I get at least one picture where everyone is looking at the camera.  Take a look of my favorite "chaos" shot from this last Sunday.   I was trying to get a picture of the awesome and super photogenic couple when their cute little two year old walked right in front of the camera.  So cute.  Usually these are the pictures that are deleted, but I thought this was so cute.

You also get quite a few of these:

Before you get this:

But it is worth it!

Here is another dilemma.  Once I take the pictures, I come home and have to sort through them all and find the best ones (see above) and then decide if I am going to add any effects in Photoshop.  For example, check out this super cute picture of the kids (SOOC-Straight out of camera).

Here is the same picture with a little editing.

Here it is with a little different look.

It is so hard to pick which one.  Everyone has different taste!  Which do you like?

Stay tuned for more pictures of this super cute family!

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  1. Catching up a bit on your blog tonight... and I saw these pictures! Hey! I know them! How cute is their family?!