Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Lucas Family

Two posts in one day!  Wow, I am on top of things.  

On Sunday, I caught up with the Lucas family.  I took pictures of baby Braylon when he was two weeks old and on Sunday, I did family pictures.  Braylon was a super cute newborn, but now at almost 5 months....he is downright adorable.  I put some pictures up on my facebook page, but there were so many good ones that I had to share more here.   These three are the same picture, with just different looks.  Which one is your favorite?



Black and White
It is hard to pick, right?

Hubba Hubba
I love how the sunlight is playing off her hair.

I am a sucker for the candid shots.  I love how Lauren crinkled her nose on this one.

Another candid.  Lauren just lifted Braylon up and I snapped a picture!

This family was a pleasure to shoot!  Want me to shoot your family too?

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