Sunday, October 23, 2011

An Amazing Mom and Dad

Do you have an amazing mom and dad?  I do!  I got to spend part of the day today at my parent's house.  We haven't hung out there in awhile and I have missed it.  Chris headed out of town today, so I headed to mom's.  Where else do you go when you are tired and need some love (and distraction for the kids)?

My parents have an amazing house.  My friends in high school called it the party palace.  It was always the hangout place.  My parents planned it that way.  The fridge was always stocked with food and drinks and our friends were always welcome.  Brilliant thinking on their part.  They always knew our friends and what we were up to.  They didn't wonder where we were at 1 am on a Saturday night.  We were watching movies in the living room.  I am pretty sure the other parents liked it too (hence the friends being over at 1 am).

My dad (and mom) built the house from land up.  It was a labor of love and it has been 34 years in the making.  Just when you think the house is perfect a new project comes up.  Well guess what....a new project came up.  A few years ago, my nephew started asking Bapa (my dad) for a tree house.  It has been on the back burner for awhile, but an interesting turn of events came about and now.....there is a new project at the Coombs house.  A new neighbor moved in and needed help on his sprinkler system.  Dad offered to help (can't keep him away from a needy sprinkler system).  In return for his help, the bachlor neighbor offered to give Dad the HUGE wooden playset in his backyard.  My dad came home and priced it out.  Let's just say it was worth more than my car.  Within hours, there was a spreadsheet and a CAD drawing (that is how he rolls) of how to incorporate the playset into their existing (awesome) one acre yard.  He found new supports for the playset and even figured out how the tube that you crawl through (aweome) rests exactly on the existing branch of the old maple tree in the back, back, yard.  There is even talk of a crow's nest and a zipline.  I am thinking that we need to have a party when this thing is done!  In true Coombs' fashion....he doesn't mess around and this thing has taken shape in less than two weeks (now you see where Julie and I get the git r dun philosophy). 

Today the boys were "helping" hammer shingles (yes shingles) onto the roof portions. 

Meanwhile, Nana was in the sewing room chained to her sewing machine.  She (and I, mostly she) is making chipmunk costumes.  The boys are going to be Alvin and the Chipmunks this year.  I know.  So cute, right.  Can't wait until they are done and I can show you some pictures.  My mom is amazing with fabric!  She has made the most amazing costumes.  Let's see if I can name all of the costumes she has made for my kids (plus all of my sister's too-which I will not name).  Skunk, tractor, spider, ant, hedgehog, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, parrot, pirate, Crayon, Lego Man, dragon, knight.  Needless to say, I came home tonight covered in chipmunk fur.  My poor mom has been furred for days!

It was a fun day and a nice night.  Here are a few pictures I snapped while I was there.

The new tube

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The shingles they worked on today

Can't go to Nana's house without a tractor ride!

The work in progress

Timed waterfall shot.  Just playing with camera settings.  Waterfall a project in summer 2005.

Think we might have to make another appearance tomorrow at the party palace to get our chipmunk on!

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