Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Ervin Family

Last week I had the privilege of taking pictures of the Ervin family.  I have known Shawna for a long time.  She was friends with my sister but was one of the only one of my sister's friends who included me!  I loved hanging out with Shawna.  Two years ago, Shawna asked me if she and her husband could come over and observe Jameson because they were adopting a little boy from South Korea and he was the same age as Jameson.  They came over and we had a nice evening and they followed JJ around to see what he was into.  A month or two later they left for Korea and brought home little Andrew.  He fit right into their family and he is a joy to be around.

A few weeks ago, they went back to South Korea to get little Grace.  Oh my!  She is so cute.  When they pulled up in the car, I went over to Grace's carseat to say hello.  As soon as Shawna got her out of her seat, she held her arms out to me so I could hold her. cute.  She captured my heart right then.  She was so happy and well adjusted and did AMAZING during her first photo shoot.

Because of all of the legal issues with foreign adoption, Grace's face cannot appear anywhere on the internet for public viewing for another six months.  Shawna wanted to do a Christmas card picture to show their new family, but had to do it without Grace's face.  This was a fun challenge.  I enjoyed thinking of fun ways to photograph them without having her face toward the camera.  Of course I took lots of really cute ones with her face, but those will be for their eyes only for a while.  Maybe Shawna or I will give you a sneak peek in six months.  But for now, here is what we got.

I think this next one is my favorite.  I wish you could see the look of love on Grace's face!  You can see, however, the look of love on Shawna's face.  Makes my heart melt.

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  1. I love the one of her walking toward the other three. Adorable!