Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Brady Family

This bunch (I am sure that this is the first time they have ever heard that pun) was so fun to work with!  

I was a little skeptical about the weather for this session.  It was predicted to have a 70% chance of rain....which is a pretty high chance for Colorado.  I wanted to call it early because I thought there was NO way we were going to be able to take pictures.  But, Cathleen said it looked like it was clearing up.  We got to our location and it was pouring with clouds all around.  We decided to wait it out for 10 minutes and then call it.  I thought there was no way!  After 10 minutes.....the rain stopped and we were able to get the entire session in.  I am so glad!  The lighting was a bit gray, but we could shoot in all sorts of places I never get to because of spotty sunlight (Love the bridge that is usually too sunny)!  
This session had two things that I LOVE.  1.  Older kids.  They make for a quicker and easier session that I don't have to run all over making monkey faces and praying that I got at least one picture where everyone is looking.  2.  Bigger families.  I love how many different combinations we were able to do and how 4 kids just balances out the picture so beautifully.  
 They were also so mellow and comfortable with each other.  There was an ease about our time together that was very refreshing.  It was the end of a long weekend of photo shoots for me and it was such a wonderful way to end!
 I may, or may not have, had to edit out a photo bomb from one of these pictures.
 I hope that the ease and love of this family shines through the pictures!
Why did you guys have to stop having kids?  You only need 2 more to make it a full bunch (sorry, couldn't resist again).  Your family is full of such love that it is overflowing!  Keep up the good work.

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