Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Harris Family Times Two- Denver Family Photographer

I was so thrilled when a past client contacted me about doing family pictures and that her sister-in-law would also be doing pictures....and to top it all off, they wanted pictures of all of the cousins!  I love cousin pictures.  We do cousin pictures for my mom every year and she loves it.  Hint out there for all of you....if you get your mom updated pictures of the grandkids every year she will be in heaven!  You probably don't even have to give her anything else.  Well.....let's not get carried away.

Back to the Harris Families.  These brothers are two out of four brothers, but they are the only two brothers who have kiddos.  I had never met David and Emily, but when they walked up I knew exactly who they were.  These brothers look SO much alike!    I had so much fun spending time with each family and then some joint time with the kiddos.

Let's start with the David Harris Family. hit the nail on the head.  Your outfit choices were spectacular!  I loved it!   
Sweet baby J was pretty much the cutest thing I have ever seen.  Her bright, blue eyes and rosy cheeks are to. die. for.  She is like a cherub! 
 Big brother look a little longer to warm up to me but by the end....we were in a groove.
 We had a blast running around and playing together.
And these two...perfection.  They are so cute together!
 And now for the cousins.
Do you know how hard it is to get 5 kids under the age of 9 to look at the camera all at the same time?  It is really hard!  But these are pretty cute, even if everyone doesn't look perfect.

And now for our next amazing family. 

The Jeremiah Harris Family.  I met this family about 2 years ago when I did family/maternity pictures for this family.  Three girls.  They are so different and so cute.  Audrey and Maddy are so grown up and sweet.  They are so good with little Charlotte and nothing ruffled their feathers.  They are so chill and go with the flow.  It was a nice breath of fresh air.
Little Charlotte is the baby of the family and all that it encompasses: cute and doted upon!  She didn't love having her picture taken and she seemed to always have a bit of a tear in her eye.  But these pictures are some of my favorite!
That black and white.  Seriously amazing!
Mom and Dad are no slouches either (can you see how much Jeremiah looks like David?)
These three girls are so cute together.  They seem like the kind of sisters who will always be best friends.  I love that about these girls!
The full family together...perfection!  I love the colors that Holly picked too.  The bright colors and layers look so good.  Well done!  You Harris Ladies know what you are doing!
I love meeting extended families.  It is so fun to see them interact and I loved watching these sister-in-laws together.  It gives me hope that my sons will marry women who love each other as much as these two!  Mrs. Harris, you are a lucky lady/mom/grandma!

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