Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Kuiphoff Family- Littleton Family Photography

This sweet family and I have a lot of mutual friends but we haven't ever met!  I did some Facebook stalking and found that we have 25 mutual friends.  That is a lot!  

I loved getting together around sunset up in the beautiful Colorado foothills.  The leaves were still pretty, Brenda picked beautiful outfits that were so rich and beautiful and I loved how cozy they all were with each other when I put the camera to my face.  I love how these images turned out! 
Not only are they a stunning family, these girls can't get any sweeter.  I thoroughly enjoyed chatting and getting to know them.  It was a bit chilly that night and these girls don't have an ounce of fat on them to keep them warm.  But they were troopers and I got some great shots.  I especially love the sister pictures.  I love my sister so much and I hope that when these girls are all grown up that they will remain good friends!

Scott also had me in stitches during this session.  He had lots of good jokes up his sleeve and it made for such a fun Friday night.  
Thanks guys.  I am glad that we aren't just friends of friends anymore!

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