Sunday, October 5, 2014

The Paxson Family- Denver Family Photographer

I was a tiny bit nervous about this session.  Anytime you have a family with 5 kids it can be tough.  However, large families are also so fun to photograph.  I love watching them interact and large families look so good in pictures because they fill them out so nicely!
This family was no exception and there was NO need for me to be nervous.  In fact, this was one of the easiest photo shoots I have done in a LONG time.  They were so easy to pose and quick with their smiles.  And they are super cute.  Their mamma also has a great sense of style.  Check out the girls' boots.  I am in love.  I wish they came in my size! 
  The other thing about this family with 5 girls....they look so different.  I can't believe how each girl looks totally different from the others, yet you can tell they are sisters.  So fun to see how genetics work!
Morgan didn't want a ton of family pictures as they just had some done last year and as she said "TD and I haven't changed much since then", we'll just get the girls this year.  However, they came all nicely dressed to match the kids, so we had to stick them in a few pictures.
 And then I got this picture, which might be one of my top favorites for couples.  The kids wanted to be in the background of the picture and one of their daughters was totally lurking in the background.  So I told that to Morgan and she thought it was hilarious!  Hence the super happy look on her face and doesn't she look so beautiful?  Are you sure you gave birth 5 times?
 Mom also wanted a "serious" picture.  I was pretty skeptical as a serious face is hard to pull off, let alone with 5 serious faces.  But they managed to make it look pretty easy.  Even little Quinn.
 They rocked the serious faces, but I still think I like the smiley faces better!
And what is a photo shoot without some fun?  I love how their personalities came out in this one!
Thanks for the fun and for the easy session!  I loved hanging out with all of these girls.  And Quinn in this pictures is absolutely precious....don't you think?
For more pictures visit my website or Facebook page.  And if you have 5 girls...bring it on.  I have lots of experience.

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