Monday, October 20, 2014

The Newell Family- Littleton Family Photographer

Happy Monday!  I am feeling like I have a little bit of a photography hangover this morning.  I have done so many wonderful shoots lately that I am in a bit of a fog.  Good problem to have and nothing that a little bit of Dr. Pepper can't handle, right?

Today, for your viewing enjoyment, I have another ridiculously good-looking family.  Kari and I work together at D'Evelyn and it has been a blessing to get to know her over the past few months.  She is sweet and loving and a GREAT teacher.  I was so excited when she asked me to do some family pictures for her.  She admitted that they hadn't done family pictures for YEARS and it was time to remedy that!  I think it is easier and more on your mind to document and photograph the kids when they are little because they change so fast.  When they get a little older it seems as though they don't change as fast so we don't do pictures as often.  People get complacent and just use the school photos.  Don't do it!  You should at least have your pictures done every other year.  Even teenagers change quickly and grow up before our very eyes.  Don't go too far in between family pictures or you will regret it!  Okay, off soapbox.

Back to the Newell Family.  It was kind of windy for our session, but that didn't stop us from getting some great shots.  They love their neighborhood and wanted to do the session there and I was happy to oblige as it is a beautiful place with so many options for pictures.  I also love how it reflects them and their life.  
 Their kids are so sweet, and even though there was a tiny bit of the typical brother/sister annoyance I could tell that they actually enjoy being together as a family.  I love seeing that!
Not only are the kids wonderful......Kari and David are SUPER photogenic.  David jumped right in and was always grabbing Kari and striking the perfect pose.  It made my job so much easier!  They are a couple to be envied!
 I loved spending a Sunday afternoon with this family.  It was so fun to chat and pose the big kids for a change (instead of running after little ones).  The interaction is so very different and a breath of fresh air!  Thanks Kari and David.  You have a wonderful family.

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