Monday, October 13, 2014

The McSkimin Family-Denver Family Photographer

Good ol' D'Evelyn brought this beautiful lady and I together.  It is so fun to have a professional place to work with new faces and friends!

When Stacey asked me to take pictures of her family, including her identical twin 7 year old girls, I was thrilled!  I started taking pictures and within 2 minutes it started raining and thundering.  We managed to make it under cover before the deluge started.  I am pretty sure that it was raining sideways.  We were trying to figure out a date to reschedule when it finally stopped raining and we were able to go out again.  I couldn't believe it.  The sun came out and we even got a beautiful rainbow in the background.  Oh how I love Colorado!  And even though it rained....everyone's hair looked amazing.  Miracle!

Before the rain....
After......why hello Mr. Rainbow.
It cracked me up that all throughout the session I had to keep telling Stacey not to hug everyone so much.  What a great problem to have!  It was VERY obvious that she dearly loves her family very and can't keep her hands off of them.  

I also loved watching the girls interact.  The looked and acted alike, but by the end of the session I could tell them apart.  Alike but different.  They also have the most beautiful curly hair and the lightest blue eyes I have EVER seen.  Sorry Stacey....your genes didn't come through on these girls!

I love how they have the exact same look on their faces in this one.  Not sure what they are doing.....
Can you spot the differences?
 Stacey let me know that most of the pictures in her house are black and white (thanks for the heads made editing to your taste much easier) so I had fun doing more black and white edits than usual.
And then there are these.....

Stacey, thanks for letting me hang out with your family for the afternoon.  Your girls are adorable and I had so much fun getting to see a different side of you!

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