Monday, October 13, 2014

The Ewing Family- Denver Family Photographer

There is nothing more flattering, as a photographer, than having another photographer have you take their family pictures.  I was super excited when Jennifer filled a last minute opening I had!  I loved hanging out with her sweet boys.

Jennifer and I go way back.  She and I went to high school together and I am pretty sure we haven't really seen each other since then.  When she answered my Facebook post about having a session that canceled, she looked exactly the same and I instantly knew who she was even though she has a different last name now!  So fun to reconnect with old friends.

Jennifer is a fellow photog so she knew just how to pose and where I wanted her to stand.  So helpful!  It was a blast watching her and her husband interact with their boys.  Pure joy.  And they had the cutest nicknames for them: pig and pickles. 

Pig is a typical 2 year old boy.  Super active and always on the go.  Makes for a bit of a challenge in photography, but that is why I have a fast lens.  Even though he was active, he was so cute, fun and full of life!  Little pickles was constantly smiling and even let me hold him and carry him around (I love that).  He is such an easy-going, happy little guy.
 The lighting was magical and I love the way these pictures turned out.  
As much as I love posed pictures, I think I might like candid ones even better.
And Jennifer....the hair.  Pure envy my friend.  It is absolutely gorgeous!

Want to see a really photogenic couple?  Am I right?
Jennifer, thanks for trusting me with your family and your pictures.  I loved meeting you guys and I hope I captured the essence of who you are.

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