Saturday, September 10, 2016

The Stromberg Family- Colorado Mountain Photography

Did you see yesterday's post about Sophia?  If you missed it, you must click here to go back and see it.

I love that this family came to Fairplay to hang out with me for the morning before heading off to Trinidad for a little family get-away.

So often families get pictures done when the kids are little and then time flies and activities take over and all of the sudden....they are grown.  I am so glad that this family wanted to have pictures done at the same time as Sophia's pictures.

They were willing to follow my creative instincts.  Even when that lead us into ankle deep freezing water!  But we all survived and the pictures turned out great.

Poor Soren was even throwing up from car sickness, but that didn't stop him from having a winning smile and by the end of our session he was totally himself again.

They even brought the dogs so they could be in the pictures.  They nailed it!

Eliana is such a cutie!  I love this picture of her on the blanket. 

Then we added Sophia for a sister picture.

And then Suzanne jumped in.  How cute is this picture of the three Stromberg girls?  I love it!

And how cute are these two?

Suzanne is a local speaker and and needed some new "Colorado-y" headshots.  I think we nailed it!

Dave and the kids.

I love that Suzanne said she was going to miss her little girl when she goes to college (possibly in Ireland) but she is also so excited for her.  What a good perspective!

 I absolutely loved spending time with this family!  I hope to do it again sometime in the future.

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