Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Joshua- Littleton Senior Pictures

I first met this young man's mom at the children's clothing sale at my kids' preschool.  She and her sister-in-law were always there to help set up and I could always count on them to be hard workers!  And then when we started attending the Rock we became friends.  She is awesome!   I am thankful for her and all of her hard with with the kids at the Rock.  And this is her handsome (and very photogenic) son, Joshua.

I love that he brought his guitar along for the session.  He immediately relaxed as soon as he had his guitar.   You can tell that he has a passion and a huge talent for it.  

Although he didn't want to leave the guitar, we had to get some without it too.

Seriously.  This kid knows how to work the camera.

He is such a nice young man and we had a great time hanging out for the evening.

I know this isn't your typical senior picture pose, but I loved how he was talking to his mom during this picture.  Shows his fun side. 

I love all of the creative and fun places around Morrison to take pictures.

The sun was going down fast and I was worried that the pictures would turn out too dark, but it ended up being the perfect night for pictures.

Joshua, you and your family are a delight.  Good luck during your senior year!


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