Thursday, September 15, 2016

The Godin-Diebel Wedding- Arrowhead Golf Course Wedding

All weddings are special.  But this wedding was amazing.

Kimmy and Jeff are two amazing individuals and together they make quite a team.

I love their passion for each other and also the way that they have shaped their lives and relationship around God.  When I asked Kimmy what she loved most about Jeff she said it was the way that he loved God.  How cool is that?  Kimmy is so loving and caring and makes you feel like you are one of her closest friends even if you have just met.  That is such a gift.

Not only are these two spectacular, but the venue can't be beat.  How can you go wrong with a view like this?  Arrowhead Golf Course is nestled south of Littleton and right around Roxborough Park.  You would never believe that these rocks can't even be seen from a few miles away as they are hidden back in there.  It was so fun riding around in the golf carts.

The day started at Jeff's parent's house that sits on the golf course.  I just love the picture of Jeff's mom seeing Kimmy all dressed up.

First Look.  I think Jeff was dumbfounded by Kimmy's beauty.

What a great place for a first look and portraits!

Are you tired of pictures yet?  I hope not!

Isn't she stunning?

Just before they walked down the aisle Maddie gave her mom a present.  I love the little personal touches the make each wedding unique and special.

Their ceremony was sweet and heartfelt and HOT!  

 They have such a great group of friends and family.

Every photographer loves all of the pretty little details.

Then it was party time!
Maddie wrote her mom and Jeff a sweet little toast and there wasn't a dry eye in the house.

Another highlight of the night was that Kimmy and her friends did a special dance for Jeff and the crowd.  It was so much fun.  You can tell that this woman has a lot of joy in her heart.

Everyone danced the night away.

Don't you just love this cake?  They both love Elvis and had to give him a nod on their wedding day!
  I can say that this is the first Elvis wedding cake I have ever seen.

Remember these two?  It is Jeff's daughter and her new husband.  I was lucky enough to document their day earlier this year.  Aren't they so cute!? 

During the reception we sneaked away for a bit to do a few more pictures.  This time is always my favorite as there is no where we have to be, the hard part is over and they are relaxed and it is one of the only times during the day when the two of them just get to be together and love on each other.

What an amazing night!  Thanks for letting me be a part of your special day.

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