Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Parker- 6 Months

Hello Parker.

This little guy.  

Oh my goodness.

He is so expressive and adorable.   

The dimples.  Can you even?  I can't.

Seriously.  Is there anything cuter than a happy, 
naked baby laying on a blanket?

It was so fun to catch up with this little guy and his family.  

He even hit a milestone during our session.  All of the sudden, 
he could sit up on his own.  A trick he had never 
shown his mama before.

I will continue to say it.  The two bottom teeth phase is my fav.

We had to sneak in a few pictures of Landon snuggling with his brother.

And a family one too.

I love my Baby's First Year babies.  It is so fun to watch them grow 
and document their first year of life.  I am such a lucky girl.

See you in a few months Parker!  I can't wait to see of your new tricks.

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