Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Sebastian- Denver Birth Photography

There is no greater joy than being present at the beginning of a new life.  
What a privilege to see a newborn take his first breath and seeing
 the love between two people as they welcome a precious baby.

I was lucky enough to be present at the moment when 
Sebastian took his first breath and I was able to document the first 
few hours of his life.

Chris Santos works with my Chris (my Chris is Chris #2 at work because 
this Chris is Chris #1-phew that was a lot of Chris').  The whole Milestone work 
family is awesome, and these two (now four) are no exception.  You could not ask for a 
nicer family.  They are down to earth, friendly, accepting and all around lovely.

When I heard that they were having another baby, I was hoping to be able 
to be there for the birth of baby #2.  And as luck would have it, I was.

Amanda was amazing.  Even though she had to be induced (think strong, 
painful contractions), she did natural childbirth.  It is amazing to watch a 
woman go through the intense pain of childbirth.  

God made us to be strong women and for our bodies to 
do amazing things and Amanda was a champ!

Chris was the perfect coach and he was so encouraging 
and wonderful in his support for her.

Amanda's mom was also there to help and we all know there is 
nothing like having your mom around when you are hurting.  
They just instinctively know how to make you feel better.  

Luckily, labor was fairly quick and in just a few short 
hours Sebastian was welcomed at 11:27 am.

It was heartwarming to watch everyone as they gazed at their new miracle.

Sebastian did very well and weighed in at 5 pounds, 10.5 ounces.

Once he had arrived and everyone was taken care of the doctor made 
a comment that Amanda deserved some jewlery for the amazing job she did.  
Chris quickly went to his bag and pulled out a gift he bought for her.  
A beautiful charm bracelet with the birthstone of Warren (their oldest son) 
and Sebastian.  The doctor went nuts!  She was so complimentary of 
Chris and his thoughtfulness.  What a guy!

Speaking of this doctor. She was amazing.  So encouraging, yet knew just what
 to say to motivate Amanda to push that baby out when she was getting tired.  
After the baby was born she hugged and congratulated Chris and then 
checked back in several times and admired the baby.

Sebastian was a little chilly so he had to spend some time under the warmer.  
And everyone gazed lovingly at him while he was basking in the light. 

I feel kind of bad for the dads.  Often times it is an hour or more before 
they get to hold their new baby.  The mom gets the spotlight and first contact 
(as it should be after all that hard work) and then the nurse whisks the baby away 
to check them out.  Then mom is encouraged to nurse the baby which can take up 
to an hour.  I am sure that by the end the dad is dying to get his hands on his new baby! 
 I love watching the dads as they first hold their child.  
Such love, protection and emotion.
I love how they hold them so closely and almost envelop them.

Finally it was time for Sebastian to meet his big brother.  
Warren was absolutely adorable.  He wanted to hold and love on his brother.  
Warren was a ham and I could tell he was used to having his picture taken. 
 He was always looking for the camera and smiling.

There was plenty of love to go around.

Chris and Amanda, thank you so much for letting me be a part 
of your special day.  Congratulations on your new blessing.  I pray that he will 
grow in love and with the favor of the Lord and that you will get some sleep.

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  1. Good job Amanda ... Only one mistake was made in this Amanda's mother was not present. Although she works have loved to and Although all of Amanda's family would have loved to we all live on the east coast... We love you Amanda and hope to one day see everyone in person... Keep up the good work!