Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Dornseif Family- Littleton Family Photography

From the moment this family stepped out of the car, I knew I was going to love the images. 

First of all, Megan is adorable.  All I could think of as I was editing these photos 
was that Megan reminded me so much of Snow White.  Not sure if it was the 
flowing skirt or the brown hair and eyes.  Whatever it was, this lady is gorgeous! 

What do you get when you add handsome to gorgeous?

Pictures like this!  This one reminds me of the Princess Bride.  
As. You. Wish.  I must have princesses on the mind.

Then you add kids into the mix and abounds.

These little girls are so cute.  Feisty and cute.  Love it!

This little gal was really into her pink cowgirl boots and did not want to 
put on the cute sandals that her mom wanted for the session.  I don't blame you girl.  
If I had pink cowgirl boots and I rocked them like you did, 
I wouldn't take them off either.

Big sister might have been a tad stubborn, but this little 
peach was as happy as lark!  

 These two obviously adore their kids.  So sweet to watch them together.

 Shhhhh.  We're looking for fishies.

Thanks for letting me hang out with your family.  
It was a pleasure.

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