Thursday, September 3, 2015

The Wittenburgs- Lakewood Family Photography

I was over the moon when I got this email from Carol.

"I love, love, love the photos so much!!!  We have always had awkward 
 photos before where we ended up looking posed and unnatural.  
My problem in the past was finding one photo where we all looked good - in the same photo... 
 Now I can't choose one I like the best there are so many great shots!"

Thanks for the kind words Carol.  I love hearing from my clients that 
their session was fun, easy and successful!

How can you not get great pictures with a fun family like this?

These guys had me laughing and smiling the entire session.  
They joked and teased their way through our time together.  
I guarantee that is how we got so many great pictures.  They were naturally 
laughing at (with?) each other.  I got to hear some great stories about this family.  
My lips are sealed but let's just say we bonded!

I was lucky enough to do Jacinda's senior pictures 2 years ago.  
Now she is a sophomore in College.  Yikes!  
She is still as beautiful as ever.

And these two jokesters.  I had fun trying to get them to smile and show me their teeth.  

They were so relaxed and that made for a wonderful evening.  
Pictures can be stressful, especially getting everyone dressed and 
out the door in time.  They made it look easy and painless.  
I hope that was the case.

Don't these two look like fun?  And still in love.  
Sigh.  I heart that.

The boys used to be on the swim team with our boys until they
 moved to Green Mountain.  The boys still got to swim against each other 
at the state meet and they came in 1st and 2nd.  So fun to watch.   
All three of these kids are REALLY good swimmers.

I hope that all of my families this fall are as fun as these guys.

I am starting to book for fall family photos.  Let me know if
 you are interested!  I would love to meet you

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