Monday, September 21, 2015

The Burge Family

Warning: This post has a lot of pictures, but I promise they are
awesome so make sure you scroll all the way to
the end to see how this happened!

This family.  I am so thankful to call them friends.  
They are some of the most amazing, giving, loving and 
faithful friends that anyone could ask for. 

Jessica helped me paint my favorite kitchen bar stools and all of the
 railings in my house during the remodel.  
As a barter,  I did photos for them.

A few weekends ago we all headed up to our family cabin in Fairplay 
for a fun weekend together and we decided to sneak in 
our photo shoot while we were there.  I just love this hidden lake location
that someone shared with me a few years ago (thanks Cora).

It was sprinkling and the wind was a bit chilly
 but the sunshine was beautiful!

The kids were a bit chilly (especially because they have ZERO body fat) 
but it made for some cute pictures.

We had to sit in the car to warm up and let the 
rain pass but then we were back at it.

After our hidden lake pictures we headed back to
 the cabin for some fun pictures.
These are some of my favorite pictures of all time!
Jessica had the fun idea of doing a "paint" session.

She mixed some fun paint colors in mason jars 
(oh how I love mason jars) and brought clothes that could get dirty.

She also brought canvases that they painted and she is going to
 hang them in the house next to the pictures.  
How awesome is that idea?!?

 Before the paint.  I love how this picture perfectly
 matches their personalities.

The beginning.  Everyone is clean.
It took the boys a few minutes to realize that 
they were allowed to paint each other.

But once they got the hang of it....the paint war began.

I love the happy, smiling faces that the paint war elicited from the boys. 
 Such genuine joy on their faces.

The aftermath.  

These two.  Still such a fierce love after 13 years.  I love that.  
Such a great example for their boys and everyone around them.

Trenton.  So serious and fierce.

Corbin.  Such a rough and tumble boy.  Such a zest for life.

Thanks Burge family for loving us so well.  We love you and 
are so thankful for you in our lives.

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