Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Mallory- Littleton Newborn Photography

I love the promise of new life.  The miracle of babies.  
The hope for the future.  

This little sweetheart is no exception.  It was a pleasure to be able to
 document her only a few days after she was born.  I have never seen a baby 
this young suck their thumb so much!  It was darling.

Look at her bedroom.  Purple and teal.  Yes, please!  
Emily, nice work on the decor.


I also love seeing the older siblings interact with the babies.
  They are usually so sweet.  
They love to kiss, snuggle and hold the baby.

Grant loved on his little sister.  He also was totally rockin' this hat! 
 One of my favorite sibling/newborn shots to date.  
Little toes paired with even littler (that's a word, right?) toes.

Mallory, you are a lucky girl.  You are blessed with a mom, dad and 
big brother who already adore you.  And grandmas and grandpas 
that are close and visit often.

Welcome little one.

You are loved.

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