Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Pinterest Challenge

Summer time is now here and I am finding that once again I have a love/hate relationship with it.  I love the relaxed schedule and not having to get the kids to bed as early and spending the day playing.  But I hate when my kids fight, hate hearing "I'm bored" or "I'm hungry" all day long, get cranky and tired with cranky tired kids (because of not getting to bed as early) and being hot when I am sleeping.  I hate that during the summer I sometimes become the worst version of myself and find that I  raise my voice and become frustrated with the kids way more often than usual.  I am working on it.  Talk to me in August and we'll see how I'm doing!

At the beginning of summer I always have such good intentions.  We are going to do more reading, chores, weekends at the cabin, planned events.......etc.  And then comes August and I wonder what the heck we did all summer.  We seem to be always on the go, but never do anything super significant. 

This summer is going to be different.  Right?  So, in order to help keep myself from wasting the summer away, I decided to give myself a challenge. 

The other day I had some time to kill (read as wasting away my summer) and I found myself reorganizing my Pinterest Boards.  I have so many pins that I am super excited about trying, but never seem to do any of them.  Oh the challenges of living in a first world country.  So, I decided to stop pinning and start DOING.  I have decided to challenge myself to 30 days of Pinterest. 

I went through all of my pins (read wasting away the summer) and I found 30-40 pins that look interesting (and not too expensive).  I am going to try to do one every day and take pictures and report back on this blog.  I am also going to try to do at least one pin from each of my "boards", just so that I am not trying 30 different recipes.

So.....who's with me.  Anyone else tired of just pinning and want to get going?  Want to try out all of those fun looking "kid pins" like glow in the dark chalk (I have tried many a glow in the dark pins from Pinterest and NONE of them have worked, just FYI)?

Feel free to keep me accountable and when you see me, ask what my Pinterest Project is for the day!  If 30 days of Pinterest is too much for you, that is fine.  Maybe you could commit to once a week for the summer (8 or so "pins").  It doesn't have to be anything earth shattering like redoing your dream kitchen.  It's just a good jump start to actually doing all of the fun things you've pinned.

Stay tuned to see what I am working on! 

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