Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Pinterest Challenge: Day One

Three days into my challenge and I am already behind!  I have done my "stuff" but getting the pictures processed and onto the blog seems to be presenting me with a challenge.  Fun stuff keeps getting in the way.

So here we go!  Day One:  I am always pinning cool pictures to inspire me to break out of the box a little bit when I am doing my photo sessions.  It is really hard not to compare myself to all of the amazing images out there by some amazing photographers, but it is nice to have some fresh ideas for posing.  So when I met up with Shelby on Monday night to do her senior pictures (sneak peek coming soon) I decided to try to use some of my pinned ideas on my "Seniors" board.  I really struggle with all of the pictures on Pinterest for girl senior pictures.  Many of them are really seductive looking.  Not a fan.  These girls are only 17 years old for heaven's sake.  They aren't pin up models! 

I have a few pinned that follow the same theme......they pull back their hair with one hand.  It is really pretty and flattering and also looks really natural.  So I decided to try that with Shelby.  It was awesome!  Mostly because it was a little windy when we were doing our session and that was a great way to get her bangs out of her eyes and still look pretty.

Here are some of the ones that I have pinned from my board "Seniors"
This one is not linked to a website so I can't give credit to anyone for this beautiful image.

I love this one from Studio B Her eyes look a little enhanced to me, but she is gorgeous!

How pretty is this one from boka studios?

And now for the big reveal......
Here is the one from LiLo.

This one is pretty....but there are MUCH better ones to come.  Overall, this was a fun way to start my Pinterest Challenge.  It was kind of hard to have "restrictions" on my shoot and to make sure that I got a shot that was like the one on Pinterest, but it was nice to have in mind something new to try! 

Stay tuned for more about Shelby and more of my Pinterest Challenge!

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