Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Pinterest Challenge: Day Three

Wednesday.  I was going to do a recipe today, but then a friend invited me to go to Bear Creek Lake Park today with them, so I changed my challenge for today.  BCLP is our nearest "beach" and I totally forget about it.  It is only $7 per car to get into the park and it is beautiful there.  It is a great place to take pictures.

I have been wanting to try these pictures out for a while, but needed a beach.  So today was the day.

Here are the pictures I pinned on Pinterest.

Interesting / be so clever. A new beach photo tradition?

Here is what we did!  The sand at our "beach" was a little rocky and hard to make faces in, but we did our best!

Watch out Tanner!

Can you guess which face goes with which kid?
These pictures were fun and easy to replicate.  It was a fun day and a good excuse to go the beach.  The kids had a blast!  Thanks Katie and Tamara for thinking of it!

These pictures are on my "Photography Inspiration" board.

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