Sunday, June 16, 2013

Pinterest Challenge: Day 6

Yesterday comprised of swim meet and baseball game the first of which started at 7 am.  It is tough to get out the door in the morning by 6:45 with all of the stuff that you need for a day of sports (and three kids in tow).  I have mad respect for moms who have to get out the door that early every day for work with their kids in tow!

In the evening, we went over to a friends house to bring them dinner and to meet their new baby girl.  Enter Pinterest.  I have lots of pins on my "Newborn Photo Ideas" board so I decided to put some of those to good use.

I wanted to try this photo from
Here are my versions.  I think I like the black and white one better.

But overall, again I am finding it hard to replicate someone else's work.  I much prefer to have an "idea" of something in my head and let it morph from there.  I also wanted to try a few others, but it is tricky working with a 2 year old and try to get dinner prepped and have my own family there distracting me.  But rest assured we got TONS of other good shots (that are LiLo originals).

Be on the look out for more pictures of this little beauty (and her beautiful family).

You can see this picture on my "Newborn Photo Ideas" board.

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