Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Pinterest Challenge: Day 16

Today was a fun one.  We decided to try this one today.

A few years ago I decided I wanted to redo my upstairs bathroom (okay, both of my bathrooms are upstairs, so we will call it the guest bath- even though it is also the boys' bathroom).  I wanted it to be spa like and I thought it would be cool to get some pretty glass jars and put things like cotton balls and soap in them.  That is about as far as I got.  I never had the time or money to do the rest of the bathroom so the jars were stuck under the sink.

I decided to pull out the jar of soap and try this fun activity.
Pay no attention to the background of these pictures

 After reading the blog that went with this Pinterest post, I realized that I had the wrong soap.  She said that only IVORY soap worked.  Well, I didn't have ivory.  I had 10 bars of DIAL.  But, they were just wasting away under the sink, so I thought I would put it to good (?) use.

 It somewhat worked. After microwaving them for 1-2 minutes it did split open and the inside became foamy.  The middle was foamy and squishy and all of the kids remarked that it felt like bread.

 I bet if you use the real IVORY soap like she suggested it would be really cool.  I might have to invest in some ivory soap next time I am at Walmart and re-do this experiment.

The best part of this experiment was the 9 year old's comment.  He ran up to his room and got his pocket fan and said "This would be perfect to use when daddy lets out a stinky fart.  We can just fan the soap smell all over the house".  The smell is quite potent!  My eyes are still watering a bit.  In typical fashion, Makai rigged the fan to hang over the soap to cool it off and then to spread the smell.  He is so inventive!

This was fun.  I only wish that the kids could smoosh it around.  She mentioned that if her kids tried to play with it, it broke apart and made soap slivers all over her house.  Mine weren't too interested (the little ones  were too busy checking out the latest Legos on so it wasn't a big deal.  But I bet if it got as big and "cloudy" as hers did, they would be totally into it.

No biggie.  I now have a fresh smelling house and now have 7 bars of unused soap instead of 10.  No harm, no foul.  But seriously I do want to try this with real IVORY soap.  I will keep you updated.

You can find this on my "The Chanchos" board.  By the way....Chancho means "little pig" in Spanish.  It was what Chris calls the boys and it has kind of stuck.

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