Monday, June 17, 2013

Pinterest Challenge: Day 7

I did it!  I made it through the first week.  One day, three to go!  It was kind of a crazy week, but it was really fun doing all of the things that I have been pinning!  Have you done any of your pins this week?

Today I took it easy on the challenge and didn't even take any pictures.   We went to church this morning, went to my parents for lunch and a James Bond movie and then came home.  I had some cleaning to do because we have a friend coming into town to stay with us and my house was pretty gross.  I used to be pretty anal in the cleaning department.  My house was always pretty clean.  But now I have 3 little people who thwart my efforts and I have learned to let a few things go and not stress so much about my house.  Blessing and a curse.

So today I decided to do something from my "Chores and Organization" board.

So many of the cleaning things on Pinterest are bunk.  I have tried a few and none of them have been spectacular.

Today was the exception to the rule.  I tried this little trick.....and it TOTALLY

worked like a charm.  Our upstairs fan is so dusty and dirty.  I hate cleaning it because it gets dust everywhere.  But when I used the pillowcase, it kept all of the dust bunnies inside and was quick and easy.

Success!  I had a few other pins that I wanted to try, but in the end.....this is all I had time to do.  So, the other ones will have to wait for another day.

You can find this pin on my "Organization and Chores" board.

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