Saturday, June 15, 2013

Day 5 Challenge

Okay, so I am consistently a day behind. 

Yesterday I was an over achiever and did TWO new recipes.  I was short on time last night before I had to get T to baseball at 6.  Evening practices are so hard.  You are either eating really early dinners, or really late dinners.  I usually opt for the early dinners because my crew tends to get hangry (hungry+angry= hangry) and if they are hangry ain't nobody happy!

So at 4:45 I started to make dinner and I still was rushing around like a crazy woman and shoving food down throats (including my own) to get us out the door on time.  I didn't have a whole lot on hand, so I went with a recipe that I have been wanting to try and that sounded good.  The only meat that wasn't frozen was....bacon.  So I went with the Brinner (breakfast for dinner) theme.

For the adults, we had avocado with bacon and egg inside.
Sorry for the blurry pictures.  This is how it copied from Pinterest.

 This recipe was Delicious!  However, I had a few problems making it.  First of all, my avocados weren't quite ripe.  This made it difficult to scoop out the insides and create a large area for the egg.  Problem #2- the avocados are round (duh) and when I put them on the cookie sheet, they didn't lay flat and when I poured in the egg mixture half of it went onto the cookie sheet.  So, I cut a tiny bit off of the bottom of the avocado skin and they laid flat and filled nicely.  Thankfully I put down tin foil, so it wasn't too big of an issue.  I used 4 egg whites and 1 egg with the yolk.  Too many!  I think 3-4 eggs would have done the trick.  I just wanted to be a little healthier and use egg whites.  I also added some sea salt and pepper.  They were really good!  I would totally make them again.  They were pretty filling and super healthy!

Here are my pics:
Meet Whitey.  He is my egg white separator.
Don't you love how he spews out the egg whites without breaking the yolks?
This is the only way to make bacon if you are in a hurry.  425 for 15 minutes.  Be sure to line the pan with tin foil.  Easy clean up too!

See my mess? 
 Sadly, there is no "after" picture as I was 10 minutes late getting to baseball because these took longer than I thought to cook.  I ate mine in the car.  That is how I roll.  Better than eating french fries, but much more difficult.

For the boys, I decided to go with pancakes and bacon (since I had to cook it for our special dish anyway).  I knew I had a few pancake recipes on Pinterest so I picked on and went with it.

This one was nice because it doesn't have eggs in it which is nice for the 2 boys who are allergic to eggs.  Again, it was pretty easy to follow and turned out really well.  The boys could taste the banana in it, but the flavor wasn't too strong as I used one banana (and some applesauce) instead of 2 bananas.  I also added chocolate chips to entice the boys into eating them.  NO problems.  They gobbled them right up.  The only downside is that they are a little dense and the consistency isn't the same as quick and easy Bisquick, bot bad for a vegan recipe.  I also used Rice milk instead of almond or soy milk so that my dairy free boy .

I was skeptical of making it in the blender but it was easy!

They look normal, right?
Another great day of Pinterest!  You can find both of these on my "recipe" board.

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