Monday, October 17, 2016

The Sauer Family- Golden Family Photography

Remember this adorable family?

I love seeing the same families year after year.  I love how even though the kids are so much bigger than they were the year before, they still have the same mannerisms.  Little Ty used to put his little hand up by his eye when he was feeling shy.  He still did it at the beginning of our session.  He quickly remembered me though and I didn't see his little hand by his eye after the first few minutes.  So cute.

These boys are seriously some of my favorite.  They are so sweet and they love being brothers.  Most brothers (including my boys) love to be rough and tumble and beat each other up every chance they get.  But these guys loved to hold hands, hug and just be together.  It makes for cute pictures, don't you think!?

Hey Ty!  Peek-a-boo!  He is so smiley.  A little different than last year when he didn't really want to even look at the camera.  This time...he stole the show.

My gosh.  This guy has gotten so big.  Look at those big beautiful eyes.

These boys love their mom and dad too.

Lisa and Jason are like a match made in heaven.  They just celebrated 7 years of marriage.  Congratulations guys!

Once again, it was great to see you Sauer family.  I love you guys.

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