Monday, October 24, 2016

The Grande Family- Golden Family Photography

I first met Mia and her family last year when she was just turning one.  Now she is two and on the move!

She was a little shy, but my little helper George, the monkey, helped smooth the waters.  All of the kids LOVE George and if you look closely he makes it into a photo or two here and there. Whatever gets them to smile, right?

Look at those eyelashes.

It was a beautiful day in Golden and the leaves and water were spectacular.

This little girl loves her mommy and daddy.  Aren't they so cute together?

Laying down pictures are a great way to keep a little one still for more than 2 seconds.  And they love to play "night night" and then we yell "morning!!!" and they open their eyes and laugh.  Works every time.

It's no wonder that Mia is so cute.  Look at her gorgeous mama!!

I love that Kara always brings a pumpkin and Mia's costume to our sessions.  Her birthday is right near Halloween so they can kill two birds with one stone and get pictures of her costume at the same time as family pictures.

Mia was trying to show me how many "fingers" she is.  I love this age.

 It is so fun to be able to compare each year.

It was so good to see you guys again and I am already looking forward to next year and seeing the pumpkin and costume! (This one is my favorite family picture...don't you think?)

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