Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Brainards- Littleton Family Photography

I love this family and I am so thankful that I was able to do their pictures again this year!

First of all, they are adorable.  Can we all agree on that?

Second of all, they are the nicest people you will meet and are willing to do help out everyone around them.  My nephew is on the same team as Aidan and Jeff is one of their coaches.  It is always fun to go see their games and to catch up with Christa.  Also, Asher is the same age as my Jameson and whenever they are together they have a great time playing.

They set a new record for the number of images I delivered for a single session.  I had a hard time narrowing it down!

It was a pretty warm day for October, but that is the kind of fall we have had this year.  Hard to get all cozied up when it is 80 degrees outside.  Come on!  It is time for boot and scarf weather already.  However, I still made them cozy up and wrap a blanket around them is adorable.

I have known these kids for at least 4 years and I can't believe how big they are getting!  They are about the same ages as my kids and I wish all of these kids would quit growing!

Aidan.  Baseball player.  7th grader.  Great kid.

Abby. Cute as can be.  Ballerina. Sweet as pie.

Asher. Totally charming with a tiny hint of mischievousness.  Adorable. 

Jeff and Christa.  Still totally in love and people you want as friends.

And to finish it all off, we had to have some fun!

It is a pleasure to know this amazing family and to be able to see them every year for pictures. 

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