Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Ellis Family- Littleton Family Photography

Oh my Goodness.  You guys are in for a treat.

Look at this adorable little family!

We are lucky enough to have this awesome family as a part of our small group
 from church.  This group has been such a blessing to us and this family
 is a big part of that!

We are so thankful to have new friends that have 
become so close, so quickly.

These kids are so cute!  Their dimples are to die for!

Santa hats are a must-have for sessions this time of year. 

I think this is the cutest Mrs. Claus I have ever seen.

They were a bit chilly so we had to be quick, but 
I was cold too so I didn't mind too much.

These guys went to high school with us too.  Small world.  Valerie was a 
Bear Creek girl with me and Nate was a Green Mountain guy with Chris.  
But we didn't really know each other (they are a bit younger than us...) at the time.

So glad that we have another chance to be friends with them!

Thanks for your friendship Ellis'.  We are looking forward to 
years of friendship to come!

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