Friday, December 19, 2014

Noah- 3 months

One of my favorite families up the blog again.  I can't believe that it has been 3 months since I captured the first few moments of this little guy's life. 
A lot has happened in the last 3 months.  Especially in the life of this family.  They have kind of had a rough year with plenty of heartache and loss.  Thank goodness for Noah and his happy and joyful entrance into the world.
Becky's mom lost her battle with cancer just a few days before we were supposed to have our session.  So we had to postpone for a week.  But I love that even though it was a tough week and a monumental life change, this woman just has an inner glow and peace about her and it is so obvious that she was meant to be a mother. 
3 months is probably one of my favorites of the baby stage.  They start to babble and smile, laugh and sleep through the night.  It is the age where the baby figures it out and the parents get into a groove.  It is so fun to see the wonder and joy in their eyes.  Speaking of eyes.... I can't believe how blue Noah's eyes are.  His big brother has the biggest brown eyes so the blue is a real contrast.  I love it!  Noah is a happy, easy-going baby and I loved that they wanted some Christmasy pictures.
Here are the Santa Babies....

And the Christmas card photos.  How awesome is this plaid quilt I found?
I also love that I have seen and documented (and loved on) this boy every six months or so for the last 2 1/2 years.  I love that when we were taking pictures he said to his mom "Miss Lisa is going to give me a lollipop if I listen really good".  It just melted my heart.  He knows me so well.  And guess what......he was such a good boy and listened so well that I gave him a lollipop.  This kid is seriously amazing.  He is one of the best behaved 2 year olds I have ever met.
As always, the candid photos are always my favorites.

I can't wait for our next session.  I am sure that Noah will have changed and grown so much the next time I see him.

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Merry Christmas Everyone!

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