Monday, December 15, 2014

Baby Charlie- Denver Newborn Photography

Who has the best job ever?  ME!  I got to snuggle 2 freshly baked baby boys in 2 days.  Kamden was so sweet and compliant that I thought for sure I was doomed for a fussy baby the next day.   But baby Charlie was even more unbelievable!  He didn't even wake up when we changed his clothes and diaper.  He let us use all sorts of props and positions.  It was the easiest newborn session I have ever done!  Thanks Charlie.
I love that this blanket was made by Tim's grandmother.  She is over 90 and wanted to make something for her great-grandbaby.  How awesome is that?  Of course we had to use it during our session.
Wait until you get a load of this gorgeous mama.  Oh. My. Word.  She is so beautiful and comfortable in her role as a mom (you would be too if it was your 4th baby boy).  These pictures make my heart leap with joy.

Dad is no slouch either and I loved that he wanted to have pictures of his son in his SWAT helmet.  He is a Jeffco Sheriff and a part of the Jeffco SWAT team as well.  Charlie slept like a baby in that helmet.   It must be pretty comfortable Tim!  After we were done with the shots I took the helmet from Tim and couldn't believe how heavy it was with a baby inside of it!  He held that helmet like a pro for over 10 minutes and didn't even bat an eye.  I could hardly hold it for a minute!!!  Apparently if you are on the SWAT team you are pretty buff!
 My favorite part of the session was once we were done with the formal shots and we went up to their bedroom and just did some lifestyle pictures.  I just stood back and captured them as a little family.
Oh how I love babies.  They bring such joy and hope for the future.  Reminds me of another baby who was born about 2000 years ago.  I hope this time of year bring joy and hope to all of you.

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