Friday, December 2, 2016

The Stroud Family- Denver Family Photography

Look at this adorable little family!

This was my first session of the season that actually felt like fall.  All of the other sessions of the year have been extremely warm.  Which has been wonderful in the fact that I haven't had to worry about chilly, cranky kids or red and snotty noses!  But I have missed the little pink cheeks and cute hats that go along with chilly sessions.

It wasn't even THAT cold but compared to 80 degrees, 45 is downright frigid.

This dad works in the Arizona National Guard serving the great state of Arizona during the week.  Then he flies home on the weekend to be with his girls!  I can't even imagine how hard that would be.  However, the plus side is that when you are home you get amazing quality time and you cherish every moment.  I am so thankful for all of the men and women who make sacrifices like this to protect our freedom.

Yoga anyone?  It really isn't fair that we grow out of this flexibleness.

And even though he only sees his little girl 2 days a week they really do have a special bond.  You can tell that they adore each other.

This beautiful woman holds down the fort at home and she deserves mad credit too.  That can't be easy to be a single parent all week long!  Thanks for your sacrifice too Kimberly!

These two are so cute together.  Don't you think?   They just celebrated their anniversary so happy late anniversary!  They cracked me up during our session and they bickered like an old married couple.  It was so cute.  They weren't fighting or mean-spirited just showing their love in a feisty way and I thought it was hilarious!

Molly was a little leery of me at first.  Look at how she looked back at me.  Funny! 

One, two, three....weeeeeeee!

Miss Molly the snow bunny.  Oh my gosh.  Does she have the model look down or what?

Speaking of models....we found this ramp on the side of a building and she LOVED walking up and down the "runway".  Once she found this ramp she didn't want to do anything else.  By the way..Kimberly nailed it with this outfit.  I mean really?!  How cute is this vest and did you notice the gold moccasins?

#selfie   (not really but it sure looks like it, doesn't it?)

At the beginning of our "chilly" session, Randy got some hot chocolate from a little shop in down town Littleton.  Molly had a few little sips to keep her warm and when it was all finally can see her reaction.  Kind of like adults when we realize the coffee is gone and we need MORE!

I loved meeting these three musketeers!  I can't wait for next year.

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