Monday, December 19, 2016

Last Minute Ideas- Christmas is coming!

Hey everyone!  2016 is winding down and it is almost time for Christmas.  Are you a planner-aheader?  Or are you a putter-offer?

I am a type-A personality so I am usually a planner-aheader.  It usually serves me well (unless the kids decide to change what they are going to ask for from Santa at the last minute).

I was pretty on top of it this year and tried really hard to get all of my stuff done ahead of time so that I could really enjoy the season.  I hate rushing around at the last minute and thanks to Amazon Prime, most of my shopping was accomplished online.  It was wonderful!

Are you still looking for a few last minute ideas?  Here are some fun gift ideas for you as you are frantically try to finish up your shopping this week.

Need something small for your co-workers?  Get a cute roll of wrapping paper and attach a brand-new roll of tape and ribbon to it.  Everyone has to wrap packages and therefore this makes a great gift that is very practical.  I did this for my co-workers this year and they loved it.  Easy and cheap.  That is hard to come by.  Target has the cutest wrapping this year for only $2.50!

Need a teacher gift or something small for neighbors or friends?  Did you know that you can buy promo codes for RedBox???  Genius!  You can buy as many codes as you want and have them emailed to you and then you can divide the codes up.   Click here to find their site and then click on "eGifts" and then "buy promo codes".  After you get the codes emailed to you, print out a holiday gift tags (click just above "promo codes" for some really cute ones) and then you can wrap the gift tag around a bag of microwave popcorn and/or candy and then you have a cute and cheap gift for anyone for less than $2.  This is perfect when your kids get into middle and high school and they have 6 teachers.  Now you can get the teachers something they will be able to use to relax with their family over the holiday break without breaking the bank!

Looking for something for grandma?  They love calendars, ornaments, framed photos or anything with pictures of their grandkids.  Shutterfly and Snapfish have so many great, personalized gifts that you can give to your loved ones. 

Cookies- who doesn't love a plate full of home-made goodness?  Each year I bake 2-3 different kinds of cookies and then get together with some family friends and do a cookie exchange.  We spend an hour or so loading plates and plates of cookies for friends, co-workers, mail carriers, trash men, name it.  This year we did 77 plates and we each got to take 11 plates home with us.  Everyone LOVES getting them and all it takes is some ingredients and a little love!

Men- are you still looking for something for your wife?  Is she impossible to buy for?  I have a guarantee gift that she will LOVE.  Get her a gift certificate to have your family pictures done.  She will be so happy to have you initiate the process.  I have gift certificates available so let me know if you are interested in making it the best Christmas for your wife.

Anyone else have an easy go-to gift that they want to share??  I would love to hear what you are getting the important people on your list.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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