Friday, July 8, 2016

Henley 9 months- Denver Child Photographer

Look at these big blue eyes.

Sweet little Henley is getting ready to get some new teeth. 

So she was chewing her gums the entire time.  

It was so funny to watch her concentrate on her gums. 
 But that means her smiles were in short supply. 

We really had to work to make her smile!

Big Sister Adley got in on the action and was trying to 
show her little sister how it is done. 

Cutting teeth is tiring!  

Parents.  Sometimes perfectly posed and smiling pictures 
aren't always the best.  Sometimes it is about remember the
 stages that your baby goes through.  

You are going to forget that when she sucked her
 thumb so hooked her finger around her little nose.

Or that she liked to stick her tongue out.

So even if a session doesn't go perfectly to plan, it is still nice
 to document all of those little details that you are going to forget.  
Trust me....your brain forgets all of the little details.

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