Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Linking the Past to the Present- Lakewood Baby Photographer

Wait until you see what we did with these pictures!

Little Nate is such a blessing.  He is the youngest (and only boy)
 of one of my long-time friends.  I was over the moon when I was
 able to do his newborn photos.  Now he is a bit bigger and is one of 
the most adorable babies I have ever laid eyes on.

Don't you think?  I mean....how can you be that chubby 
and still get your foot in your mouth??

He has a little sparkle in his eye.

Deb wanted to recreate some black and white photos
 they have framed in their house.  
I was totally up for the challenge.

The first set of pictures were 3 photos of her husband when he was 6 months old.  
Unfortunately, I don't have the pictures of Greg, but here is Nate.

Next, she had a collage of cute little body parts of her girls 
when they were six months old.  So of course we had
 to recreate those as well.  So here are all of Nate's cute body parts.

He is SO adorable!

Big sisters had to get in on the action too.  
It is obvious that this little guy is VERY well loved.

What a fun project!

Thanks for the challenge Deb!
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