Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Sneak Peek: Sam

I love the beginning of school.  I love going into all of the stores and finding fresh, new, school supplies.  I love the buzz in the schools and the excitement of a new year.  This year I got to start school again too!  After 11 years of being a "stay at home mom" and starting my own business, I went back into the work force.  I started working part time at D'Evelyn (the school where I taught before becoming a mom).  I didn't go back as a teacher, but as a part-time office worker.  I am in the copy room.  What?  Not teaching?  Nope.  Teaching for me was exhausting physically and even more, emotionally.  I want to be able to give my all to my kids, so full-time teaching is not in my future (I discovered after a lot of praying and soul searching).  I am thankful that I am able to work part time and help with the family bills and still have time to focus on my photography.  And after 3 weeks back to work...I LOVE it!  I love the flexibility, I love the people and I love being able to drop my kids off at school and pick them up.  It is perfect for me and I am SO thankful.

Back to photography.  This guy is excited to be starting school as a SENIOR at Littleton High School.  There is nothing better than being a senior.  Sam really wanted to have his pictures done up at Red Rocks, so on a beautiful summer evening, we headed up there.  It was a bit crowded as there was a concert later that night, but we managed just fine.  We even ran into a herd of deer who kept trying to photo bomb us.  They were pretty bold and weren't at all frightened of us, but we managed to keep them out of the pictures!

 Sam is a good kid and I loved watching he and his mom interact.  I know I keep saying that about all of my seniors, but it gives me hope for the future in that my kids MIGHT still like to hang out with me when they are 17 or 18.  Sam even let me take a picture of him with his mom! Awww.
 Happy Back to School Everyone!  And Sam, I hope you have an amazing Senior Year!
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