Thursday, September 11, 2014

Sneak Peek: The Hodges Family

Last year I was able to take pictures of this beautiful family when they added a fourth girl to the mix.  I had so much fun following the girls around and snuggling new baby Libby all at the same time.  I didn't share the session as they wanted to send out announcements and Christmas cards with the pictures and to have them be a surprise.  I complied, but it was so hard because there were so many wonderful pictures!  It killed me.

This year...I am free to share.  Halleluiah!  Once again we had a wonderful session.  I tell you what....there is a reason these guys have four kids.  It was the easiest session I have ever done with kids that small.  They listened, were polite and took direction well.  It was such a pleasure.  It also brought be joy to see them all interact together.  The girls clearly adore each other and Jon and Lindsey are so patient with them.  Did I mention that they are adorable?  They are adorable!

It is funny how all of the girls look so different!
 Libby was more into watching the bold ducks that were nearby (probably wanting her goldfish crackers). 
Jon is a Denver Firefighter and Lindsey is a nurse practitioner.  Talk about caring people!  It was fun to have Jon get dressed up in his uniform and get some pictures with the girls. This candid one is my favorite!
And then there is this preciousness.....
See what I mean about this family?  I just wanted to take them home with me.  Hodges, it has been a pleasure to be able to watch your family grow.  

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