Monday, September 22, 2014

Kamden is 4 months!

I can't believe that Kamden is already 4 months old.  Where has the time gone?  
I think 4 months might be my favorite baby stage.  They are so sweet, smiley and in this guy's case...chunky.  I love the rolls.  And don't even get me started on his eyelashes.
Doesn't it look like his eyelashes are almost too long for him to keep his eyes open?
And the drool.  It might gross other people out, but I LOVE it! 
 Of course, it wouldn't be a baby session without some naked rolls.  I love how this one accentuates his chunkiness.  Bridget can hardly even hold him!
We tried to sneak in some pictures with his big sister.  She wasn't too interested, but I did manage to get this one.  Don't they look like carbon copies?  It is those beautiful blue eyes!
I love his toes in this picture.  It looks like he is hitchhiking with his big toe.   You may recognize this quilt.  It is my fav.  I have been looking for a colorful antique quilt for months.  I had something in mind, but I just couldn't find it.  I happened to mention it to my dad and he said....."we have an old blanket from Grandpa.  We used it to cushion things when we moved some of his stuff back to Colorado after he died.  You can have it if you want.  It has just been collecting dust in the garage."  I ventured into the garage with low expectations and was ecstatic to find this quilt.  It was EXACTLY what I had been looking for and was FREE!  I can't believe it was hiding in my parent's garage for a few years.  Thanks Grandpa!  I wonder where it came from and who made it. 

Anywhoo.  Back to sweet Kamden (who I kept calling Kaden...sorry buddy).  Is there anything sweeter than a naked, chunky baby on a quilt?  I don't think so.
And a black and white one for those of you who love classic black and white.
And then there is this one.  This whole session was one of my favorites to date, but this picture in particular....just makes my heart sing.  I think it just reminds me of the simple pleasure of having a baby around and how dreamy they look they are remembering what it was like in Heaven.
I can't wait to see how much you have grown again in 4 months Kamden.

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