Monday, September 22, 2014

Sneak Peek: The Giri Family

I owe a lot to my good friend Rene.  She mentored me when I was in youth group in Junior High.  Then God brought us together again when I decided to pursue photography right at the same time when she needed an assistant/second shooter for her wedding photography business.  We quickly fell back into our mentor relationship and she taught me all of the basics (and not so basics) of photography.  It has been such a blessing to have a talented, willing, friend to invest in me!  Thanks Rene!  She has recently moved to New York and had to leave some of her Colorado clients behind.  So I get to be in her debt again as she is referring her clients to me.

This sweet family was a client of Rene's and now I get to work with them.  The weather was perfect for a photo shoot as it was a little gloomy and then the sun peeked out at the end.  We got some great pictures.  I loved their vibrant red colors because it is my favorite color and because it really stood out amongst the greenery.  We also even found some beautiful sunflowers.  It was a rare treat!

These girls will just melt your heart with their big brown eyes.  At first, I thought they were twins, but Maya (5) is just a tiny little thing and therefore her little sister, Sonya (3) has caught up with her!
It was so wonderful to be with this family.  They were so sweet together.  The girls obviously LOVED each other (which can sometimes be a rarity at their ages).  They wanted to hug or hold hands in every picture.  It made getting sister pictures easy and so much fun!
 I had a hard time deciding if I liked the black and white picture or the color you get both!
 Thanks for sharing your day and your girls with me Anjli and Raj.  You have a very sweet family!
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