Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sneak Peek: The Johns Family

Every Labor Day weekend we make the trip up to our family cabin in Fairplay.   I LOVE this tradition.  It is such a nice time to unwind with family and friends.  We roast marshmallows, tinker, relax, sleep in, eat good food and the kids spend the majority of the weekend outside getting dirty.  A good time is had by all.

Kim contacted me about family pictures and really wanted to do them over Labor Day weekend.  I was not about to drive to Denver during the weekend, so I invited her to have her pictures done up in Fairplay and she readily agreed.  I was shocked, flattered and excited.  Their little family hopped in the car on Saturday of Labor Day weekend and drove over an hour just for little ole' me.  And I am so glad.  

We went to the cabin with my sister and her kids and then some friends from the boys' school.  On Saturday we decided to be ambious and climb a 14er.  It was exhausting/exciting/excruciating/exhilarating all rolled into one!  Then I was able to capture this amazingly sweet family!  Talk about a banner day.

Another bonus for the day was that our friend's oldest daughter wants to be a photographer.  She has been/is taking photography classes in high school and wants to be a photographer!  I asked if she wanted to shadow me for the session and she agreed!  She was a big help and it was so fun to have her along.  I brought my back-up camera and let her loose.

Look at this image she got!  Way to go Madison.  I am so proud of you and knowing at such an early age what your talents and passions are.  You are about 16 years ahead of me.  I wish I would have started at your age!
I couldn't believe how photogenic this family was.  I would tell them to go sit down and they would all strike the most unbelievable pose without me having to give them any direction. They were naturals and the kids had such a love for each other it touched my heart.  Kim and Scott were so relaxed and we had a blast trolling around South Park City.  Kim, I loved your flawless styling for this session and I loved your shoes so much that I found them on sale online and ordered them.  I am anxiously awaiting their arrival!

I had a hard time narrowing down which pictures to highlight for you guys because there were SO many good ones.  Sorry it took me so long to deliver these to you!  You can see all of the pictures from this session if you CLICK HERE.

 See what I mean?  Naturals!

This one just might be my new fav.
No is this one.
Want to see where these adorable kids come from?
 Kim mentioned that they didn't really like their wedding pictures.  Hopefully these will make up for it a little bit.  Aren't they the cutest couple?

It was such a pleasure to meet you guys and I am truly thankful for your willingness to come to me on your holiday weekend. 

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