Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Sneak Peek: Sawyer 8 months

Oh my!  This little guy wins the award for best facial expressions.  This session is so full of color and his hat is to die for.  I have loved watching this little guy grow and his chubby little rolls get bigger.  Nothin' better than a chunky little baby.  I also love that this little guy doesn't shy away from me and let me lug him all over during our session.  So much fun!

His big brother also followed me around and he is a great conversationalist.  We even managed to sneak in a few pictures of him.  Hi Dawson!
This little squishy baby is so cute.  And the drool....forgetaboutit!  I am so happy that I get to see him every few months.  He is going to be one before I blink again.  And I really hope that he has cupcake smeared all over him for our next session.

 On a side note...if you need to buy a baby gift for someone, you should get them this squeeky giraffe.  He is the 3rd baby I have photographed to have this toy and LOVE it.

 The hat.  So adorable.  But bald is beautiful too.

I had to get one of the chubby little legs and feet.

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