Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Donelson Family- Extended Family Pictures in Golden, Colorado

I love doing extended family pictures.  What better place to do 
extended family picture then in enchanting Golden, Colorado? 

 It is such a joy to watch families come together and see the 
cousins interact with each other.  

I love seeing the love in Grandma's eyes as she takes in her family.  
I can imagine myself some day with my boys and their wives and 
children gathered around and it makes me a bit misty-eyed.

Spending a little extra time with an extended family in Colorado makes my heart sing.  
It allows me time to get to know each family a little bit more.  

And I have more time to catch more candid moments, like these.

Mamas and their babies.

I loved posed pictures.  They are the ones the go on Christmas Cards 
and in the frames.  But it is the candid and brief moments frozen in
 time that make our hearts swell.

There is nothing like having a sister.  

Look at all of these beautiful girls.

These kids are adorable!  And they were so much fun to run around with.

If you haven't ever done big family pictures, I encourage you to do so.  
There is no time like the present.  You won't regret it.  
We did our big family pictures about 18 months ago and I LOVE those pictures.  
They are some of my favorite pictures of ALL time.  

If you are interested in having your family pictures taken, let me know!  
Or check out my website for more information.

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