Saturday, April 16, 2016

How to Improve Your Online Presence

Head shots.  They are becoming more and more necessary in this modern world of online presence.  It seems like every company is requiring head shots of their employees for websites or online purposes.  People are always wanting updated pictures for their LinkedIn, Facebook page or even an online dating site.  Who doesn't want an updated and flattering picture of themselves?  So often people use old, outdated pictures or pictures in which they have to crop other people out making them lesser quality or unflattering.

Here are some hints to make sure you are putting your best
 foot forward in your online presence.

1.  Don't use a picture that is outdated.  Make sure your picture is from the
 last year or so.  If your picture is more than 2 years old or if you have
 drastically changed your is time for a new one.

I changed my logo and my brand and had new head shots done to make
 my online presence more consistent.  Thanks to my friend Maren Miller for 
taking these pictures for me!  See....even photographers need to have head shots taken. 



2.  Make sure it is a flattering picture.  Do you have 3 chins in the picture?  
Are you wearing your old, grubby clothes? 
 Then it is time to change your picture.

3.  Where was the picture taken?  Is the background cluttered or ugly.  
Does it cause your eye to go to the background of the picture instead of 
to your smiling face?  The background should be plain so as to draw the eye 
to your face.  Slightly off center is also nice for head shots.  It makes it feel higher 
quality and more pleasing to the eye.  Your face and upper body should be the largest 
thing in the picture.  Make sure it isn't a full body shot that shows 
more the background than you.

4.  Are you trying to look like a model with a pouty face?  Is it a selfie?  
Are you holding an alcoholic drink?  If so...that picture has to go!  
Make sure the picture shows your entire face and that you are
 smiling and look friendly in the picture.

5.  Is there another person in the picture with you?  Did you crop someone
 out of the picture?  That usually lowers the quality of the picture
 making it look old and unprofessional.

If you run your own business or people hire to you do a service for them, 
then you should have your head shots professionally done.  Those pictures
 should be on your email and on your website.  People feel more comfortable 
working with you if they can see a nice picture and have an idea of what you look like.  
It is worth the investment of having pictures done.  Trust me!

Here are a few head shots I have done in the last few weeks. 

Beautiful and artistic Audrey:

Fun and full of life Carey: Visit her new blog here.


Brandon- one of the nicest guys around: 
(We did these in the middle of their family session.  So if you need an
 updated picture and we are doing family pictures....let me know. 
 I am happy to snap a few pictures of you for your online/business needs)

My amazing sister Julie: 

Is it time to update your online presence?  I am offering a special!
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