Thursday, April 28, 2016

Highlighting Your Style- Senior Pictures in Littleton Colorado

It is the beginning of one of my favorite photo seasons.  It is Senior Picture Time!

I love the youthful excitement and joy that I am able to capture.  Spending one-on-one time photographing these Littleton kids makes me happy!  They are ready to tackle life and have an exciting future ahead of them.  They are heading into some of the best years of their lives.

I am starting a blog post series to help prepare seniors and their parents for one of the best parts of their senior year.....Senior Pictures!  It is a time to showcase and highlight the youthful joy and high school experience of Colorado Seniors.

Today, I am going to start with Style.  What is your style?  It is something you should think about before having your pictures taken.  What is your look?  Are you a cutting edge fashionista?  Or are you more of a classic beauty?  For guys, are you comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt, or do you like collared shirts and khakis?  Do you like to get dressed up the day before your big game in a tie?  Then let's highlight that!

Here is an excerpt from the Senior Guide I have created to help my senior clients have the best experience possible.

Are you in the market for senior pictures?  I have created a great resource for seniors and their parents.  If you want to see the entire guide, comment below or email me at and I will happily send a copy to you.

For more details on pricing or to see my work, visit my website at

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