Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Family Pictures-Downtown Littleton

My sister is my best friend.  How awesome is that?  We have been through a
 lot together and there is no one I would rather have by my side than her.  
She gets me like no one else.  She calls me out when I am being stupid and she
 builds me up when I am down.  Seriously....it is the best.  She has walked
 a tough road the last few years but she has relied on God and she is
 stronger than anyone I have ever met.  So proud of you Sis!

So when she said that she needed updated pictures of her with her kids, 
I jumped at the chance.  We have a hard time scheduling things out and we
 do much better at spontaneous get-togethers.  So we decided on Friday afternoon 
that we were going to do pictures on Saturday afternoon.  After a quick trip to do 
some last minute clothes shopping on Saturday morning, we were ready to do pictures.  
This colorful wall is the perfect backdrop for the new color
 scheme she is going to use.  Make your pictures match your house, folks!

I love that she wanted to do more of an urban setting for the pictures.  
So we headed into Littleton's Main Street for some fun family pictures.  
Adah was jumping for joy.  How fun is this picture?

It is always fun to do pictures of people you are really close to.  
You are able to capture their true silliness and personality.  
Or take some silly/serious ones!

Look at my *little* Noah.  He is already taller than 
me and it won't be long before he is towering over me.

Josiah is the smiley one.  It is always hard to see his eye color
 because he is smiling so big.  I love that about him.  He is always so
 happy-go-lucky and always has been.

Adah is my little love bug.  She is so affectionate 
(which is fun because boys aren't usually very lovey-dovey).  

I wish these guys would stop growing.  Life is flashing by too quickly!

So fun to see my sister interact with her kids.  She is such a great mom.  
She is perfect amount of fun and crazy but also has good boundaries
 so that her kids are actually nice to be around (and not wild little hooligans).

I can't even begin to tell you how much I love these guys and I am 
so thankful that they live 10 houses away.

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